The House of Griegst

Griegst is the family name of artist Arje & Irene Griegst. Established as a fine jewelry brand, it was founded in Copenhagen in 1963 by the Danish goldsmith and artist Arje Griegst (1938-2016). Arje Griegst is an international household name in Danish Design. His jewelry is sought after by collectors all over the world, and among his prominent customers is the Danish Queen H.M. Margrethe II.

Arje Griegst was a goldsmith who thought like a sculptor. Inspired by the Baroque and the Orient, his free sculptural form is a contrast to rigid modernism. Using his own customised cire perdue techniques he was able to sculpt pieces that vibrate with sensual energy in an almost hallucinatory alternate universe. In his hands, rigid materials were rendered almost in their liquid state across jewelry and collaborations on tableware, flatware, glassware, chandeliers and sculptures.

Blurring the lines between jewellery and art, Arje Griegst’s pieces are crafted using only the most precious metals and exquisite stones chosen for their organic shape, clarity and colour. Arje Griegst's legacy lives on in his works – re-issued from original casts. 

He won international acclaim for his jewelry, his famous Triton tableware, Konkylie stellet, his silver cutlery, his glassware, Xanadu, and his late masterpieces chandelier light sculpture at the Design Museum Denmark and his fountain at the Tivoli Gardens.

Arje Griegst is represented at museums internationally. His jewelry and designs has been shown at Metropolitan museum and the Cooper-Hewitt Museum in New York, at the Victoria & Albert in London, the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, National Museum in Stockholm and the Design Museum Denmark in Copenhagen. He has received numerous awards for his work.


Today, the family-owned house is run by Arje Griegst’s son Noam Griegst,  a photographer and filmmaker who became Creative Director of Griegst in 2016. He works alongside his mother,  Irene Griegst, whose pieces have been exhibited at some of Denmark’s most prestigious art institutions. Together, they ensure that Arje Griegst’s highly original legacy lives on while staying true to the spirit of the house, which remains as relevant and exciting today as when Griegst first arrived on the jewellery scene more than half a century ago.

The house continues to be dedicated to Arje Griegst’s supreme artistry and mischievous yet philosophical approach to high-end jewellery. The Copenhagen workshop where Arje Griegst worked throughout his career is still home to the Griegst and is open by personal appointment. 

Noam Griegst

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