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Designed in 1973-1976

18K yellow gold
Chain length: 43 CM
Made in Denmark

Capturing gold almost in its liquid state, the Spiral series curves sensually around the neck, wrist or finger embodying the pioneering vision of Griegst’s customised cire perdue technique. Like locks of golden hair the fluted gold twist and writhes over the skin like a coil spring with seductive lightness. Produced since the 1970s, the pieces are Griegst’s ode to antique Roman jewellery as if seen through a magnifying glass found at the bottom of the sea.

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An 18K gold collier necklace titled ‘Spiral Collier No. 1’ designed between 1973-1976 by fine jewellery designer Arje Griegst and made in Denmark. The gold necklace is made up of many individual, wavy links that form small, coiled spirals in the middle. The surface of the gold links is ribbed. The chain necklace is 43 cm long. The necklace hangs in front of a grey-green sculptural piece resembling a rock formation, placed against a pale lilac backdrop.

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