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In the early 1990s Arje Griegst returned to his lifelong fascination of the universe and created the Cosmos and Stardust series. Each work looks as if the gold has been bombarded by showers of meteorites or distant asteroids, luring us with craters filled with precious stones and gems. 

18K gold ring with a blue sapphire
Made in Denmark

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Arje Griegst used to note how “the stones talk to me”, something that can be felt in the almost primordial divinity of the Cosmos and Stardust series. Stones and gold twinkle like stars in the firmament, born from Griegst’s fascination with the groundbreaking Hubble telescope images from the 1990s and the ongoing lure of a universe in constant evolution.


In the Designmuseum Denmark in Copenhagen, the large chandelier Galaxi illuminates a room. As one moves around the chandelier, the experience of it changes. Arje wished to convey the same feeling you can get when marvelling at faraway galaxies that appear in the firmament on a very dark night. 


Galaxi seen in daylight. The spiral copper structure is composed as a giant filigree work adorned with gilded bronze loops across its outer surface.

The boundaries between craftsman and artist become blurred in Griegst’s work. Nature isn’t imitated but interpreted with a fairytale-like approach of awe, wonder and mischief.



An 18K gold and sapphire ring titled ‘Stardust Blue Sapphire’ from the 1990s made in Denmark by fine jewellery designer Arje Griegst. The wavy band on the ring joins together at the top, securing a blue sapphire held in place by the gold. The surface of the gold looks coarse, as if has been eroded over time. The inside of the ring is completely smooth. The ring is placed on top of a walnut-coloured sculptural piece resembling a stone formation, sitting against a white backdrop.

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